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    Numaonline is an online shopping platform to help you meet your shopping needs. We are part of Numaonline Ltd (Company number 06151435), registered in the UK. We aim to offer you a comprehensive shopping experience by bringing you some great products and trusted services from our carefully selected merchants and suppliers. We list a vast selection from stores with household brands, as well as promote quality products from small businesses and local vendors. We'll continue to explore ways to bring you some useful information from online resources, including deals and discounts available from the online market. This involves immense research while choosing the products and suppliers. We hope to make your shopping experience easy and effective. 

    Our Services: 

    1) We refer consumers to other web sites including "Affiliate Partner(s)" or "Partner Merchants" that sell products and services for which we are paid a fee for referring you to them if they do business with you, under certain terms and conditions we have agreed to with them.

    2) We also provide an online site that sells products and services directly to consumers or refers you to vendors who sell items through our checkout service online, 

    3) We provide you with a number of online resources, including but not limited to search functionalities, product comparisons, online blogs, researches, and videos offered on the websites of a number of third parties and online resources. Our Business Partners and Affiliate Partners shall be referred to collectively as "Partners".

    Please note, the product details and the related information are provided by our partner merchants. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. Please check the merchant site for the exact P&P and any updated prices.

    Wishlist - Any products added to your wishlist remain there until you remove them. To create your wishlist, simply click on the "Add to wishlist" button to start saving items you like from our merchants.

    Blogs and Forums

    Through our blogs and forums, we hope to provide you with a number of online resources, journals, videos, and discussions, including those sourced by our registered bloggers and forum moderators.

    Thank you for shopping via Numaonline.

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